OSCAR is a participatory network which links vineyards with fungus resistant grape varieties, planted by winegrowers. Being part of OSCAR is on a voluntary basis. Here is our charter.

Who are the plots in OSCAR

  • Wine producing plots, of more than 0,2 ha
  • Plots with fungus resistant grapevine varieties, from INRA or european breeding institutes, in temporary or final “classement”.

OSCAR’s plots in 2017

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Which data do we collect ?

  • Socio-economic context of the production 
  • Main characteristics of the plots (varieties, planting density, landscape…)
  • Phenological growth stages
  • Pests and diseases dynamics
  • Annual viticultural practices
  • Harvest datas (yields, wine acidity…)
  • Appreciation if the wine-producer (amount of work, fragility of the variety…)

How do we proceed to make the monitoring of the diseases ?

2 ways are used :

  • In the vineyards : monitoring of pests and diseases  : 5 evaluations per year 
  • In the laboratory : collect of downy mildew and population monitoring to assess aggressiveness evolution


How is organised the network ?

The network is organised at 3 levels :

  • A national coordination team
  • A scientific advisory board
  • A regional coordination

Participants must agree with our charte, they commit themselves to sharing their datas and knowledges to the network. The diffusion of information is made with meetings, reports, and with this website or social network.

You want to join the network ? Contact us !