OSCAR was born in January 2017. As the first disease resistant grape varieties are deployed by french wine growers,  it’s important to acquire data and share information about these new viticultural systems. 

Using disease resistant grape varieties opens new prospects for viticulture. With adapted practices, these varieties can reduce up to 80% the use of fungicides.

The achievement of breeding programs in France and Europe lead to the “classement” of several fungus resistant grape varieties, from INRA or european institutes, which allow producers to plant and make wine with this varieties.  The offer and the dynamic of diffusion of the varieties should accelerate in the years to come.

The diffusion of fungus resistant grape varieties raises new questions around 3 main issues :

  • the durability of the resistances deployed, and the risk of erosion of the efficiency of the resistances ;
  • the arrival of new diseases, because of the reduction of fungicides ;
  • the adaption of the practices with this new varieties

To meet these challenges, INRA and IFV created OSCAR, Observatory for the deployment of disease resistant grape varieties. This observatory has 2 main missions :

  • Organize the collective monitoring of deployed resistances to anticipate the evolution of the population of downy and powdery mildew and the arrival of new sanitary issues ;
  • Organize the sharing of experiences of cultivation of these varieties in different cropping systems and regions, to help the wine growers building technical strategies.